j’ecoute la radio

In school when I was learning french I always used to say this as part of my ‘hobbies’ which was utter rubbish as I never listened to the radio (unless you include dad’s constant Radio 4… but that was more overhearing rather than listening to) but I didn’t know how to say “I pretend to be Aretha Franklin in front of the mirror” in french; so this phrase is one of my only remaining phrases in french, that and “Je joue au babyfoot”…. although I doubt if I’m ever using conversational french I’ll ever have need to use either.

But I got myself a little radio…. yes! a Roberts Revival that I blogged about falling in love with recently….

and it’s my new best friend…. in the bath, in bed, working in the attic, baking, crocheting in the lounge j’ecoute la radio! I love Radio 4 because it’s comforting and reminds me of dad pottering about and I love Radio 6 Music for all sorts of good tunes.

Other than that I’ve not had a great week or two and totally haven’t felt like blogging…. but here are a couple of things that made me smile anyway…..

sleeping baby cat :)

and some sunny, cartoon looking flowers…

how could anyone stay sad looking at these :)


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