attic updates

The more that I’ve been doing craftwise in the attic, the more that I’m finding I need more….. more, more, more….. more space and more storage mostly.

So I got this…

a vintage, wooden trestle table, a total bargain at £30 and it gives me loads of work space for cutting fabric and using the sewing machine. It’s surprisingly sturdy and a much better style and price than the new versions… although I had a few reservations when it arrived, its six-foot long and I thought I’d never get it up to the attic….. but it’s there and I think it fits right in.

Apologies for the dark picture… it’s been a bit of a gloomy day weatherwise.

And…. last year I bought a little display unit in a junk shop… I think it was made for someone to display those ornamental thimbles or something… but it’s been sat on the floor in the lounge waiting to be used until today…

I painted it up (the wood wasn’t nice to look at or I’d have left it), lined some of the compartments with wrapping paper scraps and hung it on the wall to store my cotton reels where I can see them…. now I just need to gather them all up, as they are scattered literally all over the house!

And I got an amazing, massive laundry bag covered with cartoon apples :) I’m using it to store fabric.

I’m slowly but surely getting organised and getting rid of lots of old junk too…. less junk is more space…. for more junk probably! :)


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