oh joy!

I definitely think that I should book holidays more often…. not so much for the actual holiday as for the excitement of looking forward to it, I’ve had a little cheeky glow all day.

Anyone would think I was going for three weeks trek in the Amazon not a couple of days in Cornwall! ….I think I need to get out more :) …..but to be fair I haven’t been on holiday in years (except to camp at a local festival, which doesn’t really count I don’t think.)

I just hope I don’t peak too early… I always do that at Christmas… I love the decorating, the traditions, the food and wrapping presents etc so much that by the second week of December I’m fed up and sick of the whole business :)  ….and today I realised that my mini jollies are a week later than I’d thought…. but this is good, an extra week to be excited.

And today is Wednesday…. “anything can happen day” (from Angel Heart, although every day is that really I think) … also my half day at work which is oddly more exciting than not working at all, for some reason; that feeling of leaving the office at lunchtime with a whole afternoon of ‘choosing time’ ….. Wednesday is also PAYDAY!!! (once a month, anyway) so I treated myself to these little beauties….

joy in a vase!  (with a few leaves from the garden, my dahlias in the garden have been a bit slow this year)

I also found this…

an original box of Sylko cotton (made in nearby Skipton, which I never knew)

and filled with the original wooden bobbins, some still wrapped and not faded at all….. so lovely!

And Wednesday is movie night…. so I’m on the sofa in my nighty and wooly socks all ready :)


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