I went for a wander in the woods today, in search of blackberries.

I love woods in general…. for the dark, peacefulness…. but I especially like the little stairways and things in the woods next to my house….

The park and the woodland paths and things were built along with the local mill, the estate of little terraced houses for the mill workers, where I live now and the big house in the park for the mill owner…..

I’ve seen pictures of this stairway with its arch from back in the days when the mill was up and running…. it used to be very grand with pillars and stone urns at the bottom…. now it’s all dilapidated and covered in ivy, but I love it.

I wasn’t very well prepared to forage today; before my secret bramble patch was cleared, I used to get all organised with waterproofs, boots so I didn’t get nettle stung ankles, gloves to prevent scratches and snacks for a break, as there were so many blackberries I could pick all afternoon…. but today I didn’t expect to do so well, so I just went for a wander and got caught in the rain…… so I sheltered here by the arch for a bit….. and yes I got stung and scratched and walked back to my house with my hands looking like I’d just carried out a murder in the park (from blackberry juice… not physical assault!)

All the blackberry bushes were like snail hotels

hundreds of the little fellas…

better there than in my little garden though and they looked very shiny and pretty… and actually quite comfortable

and my reward for scratches and stings and soakings…..

exactly a kilo of lovely shiny blackberries…. I couldn’t have planned it better if I’d tried any planning at all :) now I’m bracing myself for the jam making!


2 thoughts on “Forage

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience today and enduring the injuries to get your berries. The photo’s are breathtaking. You are lucky to have such beauty right in your back yard. Enjoy the jam!

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