Slouchy hat and apple cake

I am still reeeeeally struggling with motivation at the moment :(   but it’s my mini holiday soon :)

and I have finally finished my slouchy beanie hat….. or at least I think it’s finished…. I’m in two minds as to whether I should make it even taller (slouchier) or whether to put a bobble on it?  What do you think?

I’ll sleep on it I think

hehe…. please excuse the scary eyes!  …… I look either demonic or as if I’m concentrating really hard on wearing a hat :D

And (aside from reaching the bottom of the washing basket, which only occurs probably twice annually) the other good thing today was making a glorious apple cake…. mmmmmm

Autumn and apple cake!…. I love apple cake and this one is almondy too, all the better (might be nice with pears too actually)……  definitely the best recipe I’ve tried

My sincere apologies for a link to the Daily Wail….. but it’s seriously worth it and yup! it’s another Mary Berry recipe….. I think I’m obsessed, perhaps I should start stalking her in my hat, with my demon eyes :D  I won’t go that far, but the lady can BAKE! I love her recipes…. even though I never properly follow them…. I did half wholemeal flour (love my wholemeal!) and used bicarb and no flaked almonds on the top, but dusted icing sugar instead.

What a lovely cake, crisp and chewy on the outside, light sponge and gooey, tart appleiness in the middle…. I had to actively shut myself out of the kitchen so as not to eat it all :)

In fact…. I think I’ll have a sliver now for my supper


3 thoughts on “Slouchy hat and apple cake

  1. The pie looks delicious! I have added it to my to do list. Although I have never been able to bake a cake successfully but fingers crossed…..

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