National Sewing Month

apparently September is Sewing Month… in the US anyway…. but I don’t see why us Brits shouldn’t join in and celebrate a bit of stitchy action too! I haven’t done much in the way of crafty business recently (apart from my slouchy beanie) and it’s my mini holiday v. v. soon :) :) ….. so I’ve decided to take along a sewing project (instead of crochet) in honour of Sewing Month….. I’ll do the prep tomorrow and let you know what i come up with.

In the meantime I’ve been busy trying to get things done before my little break….

Poor little Pumie cat needed a trip to the vet and he got a bit scared in his basket on the way :(  but he was very brave at the vets and now we’re waiting for test results (fingers crossed!!) ….. and what an expensive business those tests are! but it will be worth it to keep the little man fit and healthy.

My challenge today was to try to find a waterproof that isn’t bright green and massive like the one I’ve got….

this is the marketing pic with mine….. nice!     only mine is XXXL! at least if I got lost in it I’d be easy to find!  but I wanted to find something to take away that was reasonably normal looking to wear…. not like a flourescent tent!   And I began to wonder “do any waterproofs actually look nice?”  are they even supposed to look nice?    …… anyway, I managed to find a khaki and sage green houndstooth check Regatta in a super sale!    and I actually think it’s ok, result!

and I got a hair cut and paid the gas bill…. dull as you like I know, sorry, but it’s always nice to get things done :)



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