I met a man with seven wives….

I didn’t really…. but I did go to beautiful St. Ives for my long-awaited holiday and what a gorgeous little holiday!!

The train journey was looooooong (nine hours!) and as I got closer I got more and more excited. The picture above is from the last little branch line train journey from St. Erth to St. Ives….. this little journey is a tourist attraction in itself for its stunning coastal views…. they took my breath away.

I was lucky to arrive when it was gloriously sunny

and this was the view of the harbour from the terrace that the guest house I was staying in was on.

St. Ives became popular with artists at the beginning of the last century (when the branch line was built) because of its amazing quality of light; it sits on a peninsular on the west coast of Cornwall and so is surrounded by beautiful beaches and sea views that reflect the light. There are three big beaches a little one and two tiny secret ones, that are only there when the tide is out.

I just loved all the colours and was surprised by how clear and beautiful the sea was….

This is a view from The Island, a hill at the very tip of the peninsular, with a chapel on top…. I sat here for ages, it felt wild but peaceful and I could stare at that beautiful green sea crashing over the rocks for hours.

I loved pottering about on the beaches collecting shells and sea glass and pottery….

I collected a little jar full of things…. it’s sitting on a shelf as a jar of St. Ives at the moment, but I might do something with the bits of sea glass and pottery at some point.

I spent a lot of time around the harbour….

I sketched some boats,

this one was my favourite I think :)

I sat on the end of the pier and watched the seagulls

and the stunning views…

I even did a bit of crocheting on the beach when it was sunny :)

Another thing that completely charmed me about St.Ives were the old tiny little fisherman’s cottages and winding, cobbled streets…

I completely fell for this really, really tiny little cottage…..

and the tiny fisherman’s Chapel on the pier….

I lost count of the number of studios and galleries I visited…. from tiny little ones to the big Tate St.Ives….

but my favourite was the Barbara Hepworth with her studios and beautiful garden, a tranquil and lush little haven right in the middle of the town….

I could literally go on and on about St. Ives until Christmas (and illustrate it with lots more photos) but I’ll spare you!

I completely understand what draws people there, I totally fell in love…. as one artist I chatted with said “Yes, your first time here hits you hard.”

All good things come to an end though and today I’m back at work and battled with the lunchtime crowds in the city to buy some groceries…. but I feel restored and have a lovely smile inside :)

I made a promise to myself that one day I’ll live there :)



One thought on “I met a man with seven wives….

  1. I love St Ives too. We spent Easter there. I would happily return again, and would go by train again as it’s a chilled out way to get there/home and that little branch line is fab!

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