a few good things

It’s been aaaaages since I wrote a post….. I’m still recovering from bronchitis and have just got out of the routine of writing and stuff, so I thought I’d do a quick easy post and share a few things that I’m liking at the moment….

Otter stamp print by Tom Frost…. I love this…. you can find it and many other gorgeous prints by artists like Mark Hearld, Angie Lewin and Rob Ryan here http://www.stjudesprints.co.uk/collections/tom-frost

Gold wish necklace – Dorothy Perkins  I’ve been after a chunky single star necklace for a while and this was only £3 in the sale…. I couldn’t resist! (N.B. this is my hand not a very gnarled and wrinkly neck!)

Vintage wool tweed fabric  I’ve had this fabric for years and never got round to doing anything with it, I’m glad I didn’t as I’ve started using it as an autumnal table cloth in the lounge…. very popular with the cats for curling up on :)

Wool Fairisle Mittens – Jack Wills  Achingly trendy brand with the young folk these days :) but I do think Jack Wills do a good line in british wool things and I love these mittens (I got them super cheap on ebay…. soz Jack!) ….. also worth a look  http://www.aubinandwills.com/en-gb/home nice things – a bit pricey, but good for inspiration.

Little printed block wall hangings – I just love these and I’m hoping to get them off my shelf and on to the living room wall today. I bought them here http://www.thebowery.org/home.html  a lovely little place to find nice art and also great for coffee, cake, gallery space and crafty workshops.

Hope you like my little ‘show and tell’ :)  ….. and hopefully I’ll be inspired to get writing more!


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