Wooly inspirations

Morning! I’m up early this morning so I thought I’d do a quick post about what I’ve been on with recently….

Last week was British Wool Week and lots of things were going on to celebrate and educate about the benefits of wool https://www.facebook.com/#!/thecampaignforwool (see here for lots of lovely inspiring wooly things.)

I’m ashamed to say that despite living in an old woollen mill workers house and right next to the old mill, now a museum, that had lots going on to celebrate Wool Week (including a visit and talk by Debbie Bliss her very self!!) …. I didn’t attend a single thing :(  poor show! Partly because I got my weeks mixed up…. oops!

Anyway…. I guess I could say that I privately celebrated Wool Week :)

I’ve always loved wool and when I first started to crochet I was total wool purest and wouldn’t entertain any type of acrylic yarn…. I’m a bit more flexible now :) but I still love working with a lovely proper wool most of all.

A couple of weeks ago I visited the lovely M in Sheffield and she showed me an amazing place called The X Shop https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-X-Shop/147707965284014?fref=ts who clean, spin and sell (amongst all manner of lovely stuff….) local wool ….. ooooh and it’s gorgeous, knobbly and lovely stuff…. you can feel the lanolin on your hands as you work :)

And I was well happy as buying some inspired me to get hooking again and I made this….

A little wooly cottage (like the one that I fell in love with in St. Ives!)  If I do another I’ll definitely record the pattern and share!

So pleased by the gorgeous British handspun wool, I’ve been tracking down more and some arrived this week…. before I knew it I’d made a hat…

Which I think I’ll be needing this weekend… with the arctic winds blowing our way!

Pom-pom inspired by N who reminded me of her brownie hat when we were kids… her pompom was HUGE and I was very envious :)

And one of my favourite wools (not British) Lopi is back in stock at my local yarn shop…. I love Icelandic Lopi and a couple of years ago my poor family and friends all got some rather ill-fitting hats and things made out of it for Christmas because I was loving working with it so much… hehe…. I’ll try to resist that this year I promise :)

This year I’m on with making a good old basic granny blanket….

My plan was to do at least one granny square a day throughout October and I think I’m on 29, so I’m doing ok….. I’ll keep you posted :)


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