French films and birthday presents

This week I have a week off work…. whoop! And the week has got off to a very lazy start…. but when you can go back to bed for a couple of hours, why wouldn’t you?

Recently I’ve had a bit of a thing for french films…. goodness knows why…. but for reference, I’ve discovered that every single Audrey Tautou film ends with her riding pillion on a scooter with some young french chap….

but I’m finding something very charming about french films at the moment….. so this afternoon will be about fresh coffee, a french film (not Audrey… I think I’ve watched all her films now!) and crocheting a few squares for my ‘october blanket’ ….. joy!

In other news…. it’s Auntie Eileen’s birthday next week and we’re having a birthday tea at the weekend, so I’ve spent the weekend (or at least the parts of it that weren’t hungover after lovely A’s birthday night out! :) ) trying to figure out what I can get her…..

I had wanted to make one of those wheat and lavender bags that you heat up in the microwave…. I have a lovely one that’s got a cover in pink wool tweed and floral cotton and I love it and use it lots…. so I was thinking of making something similar, however when I did some research I discovered that a woman had set her bed on fire with one and that fire services urge people to use them safely as the wheat can reach a point where it self-heats and then ends up catching fire….. they did stress that if you use manufacturers guidelines that it should be perfectly safe……. but this has kind of put me off making one to be honest.

So I crocheted a little mouse…..

I’m not sure that Auntie Eileen would want a little mouse really!   So I’m still having a think….. any ideas of what to make an older lady for her birthday??



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