Mini pompom garland

Hellooooo…… here’s a quick tutorial to make these super easy and super cute mini pompom garlands…… I’m thinking white with silver beads and stuff for that event in December :) and for decorating gifts…..

But these colourful ones would be great for parties or a childs bedroom….. and a nice crafty thing to do with children on a rainy afternoon…..

So…. you will need:  Yarn, a fork, scissors and a darning needle.

Start by wrapping the yarn around the prongs of the fork

Tie through the middle of the fork prongs, as tight as you can

Slide off the fork and cut the loops on each side

and there’s your little pom!  Fluff it out a bit and trim it to a nice neat shape and trim off the tied bit…….

Thread your mini poms onto a long piece of yarn with the darning needle and slide gently into place….. tie loops at each end of the yarn to hang

and there it is….. sweeeeet! :)


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