turn your Instagrams into stocking fillers…..

I’m a big fan of faffing about with a camera and love using Instagram to tart up my snaps and have a nosy at other people’s…. don’t we all! :) So I was excited to discover Stickygram http://stickygram.com/ ….  they turn your instagram pics into a sheet of magnets….. they come in sheets of nine pics and it’s really easy to do….

here are some of mine….

yes these are all pics of me and the cats….. but I did get others that weren’t, honest!…..  I’m not a totally vain, crazy cat lady…. just a little bit :)

At $14.99 (£9.50ish) a sheet with free international shipping, they work out about a pound a piece…. which isn’t too bad for a nice, personal stocking filler or birthday card insert (and like me you can throw in a few for your own fridge whilst your about it!) …. and they took less than a week to arrive…. super!!

….. and look what Anthropologie have in for Christmas…………..  http://www.anthropologie.eu/en/uk/christmas/icat/gifts/

“Snow pom garlands”….  following my last post I made one very similar to this in cream mini pompoms….. see the last post for a quick tutorial…….

and I’ve got my eye on this Anthro decoration….

very cute! :)


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