Gingerbread practice

So…. that event next month is looming…. my top bedroom has a pile of goodies, waiting to be wrapped, getting gradually bigger (I’ve been trying to spread the load over a few pay days)…. the festive movies have started on the telly today, so I thought it seemed a good time to get in some gingerbread practice.

Last year I baked lots and lots of little glittery gingerbread hearts that I gave in red polka dot cellophane bags tied up with ribbon,with handmade tags…. a nice little token and fun to bake too.

This year I’ve expanded my cookie cutter collection to include stars, houses and of course…. little gingerbread men; and I’ve been wanting to try them out

and here they are!!

I think I’ll ice the ones to give as presents…. but these little fellas are cute too…. maybe like this for adults and iced for children….. we’ll see….

Anyway, this is the gingerbread recipe I use .. if you haven’t got one and you fancy giving it a try….


I roll mine out and cut out shapes after chilling…. and I tend to make mine a little thicker so that they’re still soft and a bit chewy in the middle and bake them on top of two sheets of baking paper to prevent burnt bottoms…..

They don’t have to be perfect though…. all part of the charm of a homemade gift I think! :)


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