Blogvent #4 : Christmas cards….


Today I’ve written all my cards…. phew! ….except that it’s never all is it? There’s always people you’ve forgotten or people who give you a card and you’d never have thought to get them one :/  and people whose address you’ve lost track of…. and whether to send one to each and every person at work or one for everyone or not at all….. what a menagerie of decisions!!

A couple of years ago I just sent emails of the greeting above….. thrifty and ecologically friendly…. and so pretty! :)

Last year I made lots of my own…. loads of fun, but most ended up last-minute or late!

This year I’ve bought charity cards, so at least some of the profit goes to a good cause…..

I have this dilemma every year…. what to do about the whole card business for the best…..

but I do think that getting a card from people who you rarely see is a lovely thing…. knowing that you are still in their thoughts… for me that’s what this time of year is all about, taking time (however briefly) to think and send love to those who mean something to you….. aaaahhh!



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