Blogvent #6 : Super secret special surprises


What’s in all these presents???    I actually have no idea…. I just like the picture… lots….. and the wrapping I’ve chosen this year is very similar too…. craft brown (with stags) and red and white spotty….. tres chic non!? (thanks Wilkos, you rule!)    ….. they won’t be anywhere near as lovely or numerous as these though!

Anyway… the reason for this picture is to represent the super secret special surprises that I’m making for people….       in my enthusiasm to do a Christmassy and crafty blogvent calendar I forgot to remember that presents are secret surprises……. so I can’t show you them as I make them…. duh!

but I’ve started one tonight and it’s looking pretty good…. I’ll show you after Christmas…… or maybe it’s for you? …..have you been naughty or nice? :)

p.s. Buddy the Elf on Sunday….. yay!!


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