Blogvent #12 : Ruched fabric flower tags….

We’re half way into advent…       less than two weeks to go….    and a week until this….

20121208-154548.jpg the crafty, gift wrapping night I’m doing at Outlaws Yacht Club bar, cafe and exhibition space……  you can check them out here

so I thought I’d get on with some gift wrapping today and work out a few ideas for the night….


and here’s a quick tutorial for these sweet little ruched flower gift tags


my apologies for dodgy pics…. I couldn’t seem to keep a steady hand….. I must be low on chocolate or something :)

So…. this is a good way to use up old fabric scraps and to really personalise gift tags…. they’d also make a cute brooch, corsage, statement necklace or embellishment for a bag… or even for shoes if that’s the way you roll!

First take a strip of fabric…. as wide as you like really…. but roughly half the width of your gift tag is about right for these purposes….


(using a striped fabric helps you to cut straight if you’re a bit untidy like me :) )


Use a loose tacking stitch up the right hand edge of the fabric strip (not too close to the edge that the stitches pull out of the raw edge though) and pull the thread to ruche up the fabric as you go along.


then sew together to ends of the fabric on the reverse side…. to leave you with this…..


a little fabric rosette.

At this point you can either make a smaller version (or a few) to attach to it, or just sew (or glue) a button or bead into centre of the single rosette….. play around and see what you prefer….

For this one I made a smaller rosette and sewed it into place with a button….014

as I sewed them together I pulled the rosettes tighter in the middle with each stitch to make it more secure……

you can keep a raw edge as I did on the larger one…. or for a neater look you can fold your fabric strip length ways and do your tacking stitch along the two raw edges together…..  that way the neat folded edge is the outside edge of your rosette….. neater and a little fuller too I think…. but again play around and see what you prefer.

And then sew or glue to your gift tag…. I used a glue gun…… and add bits of old lace, ribbon, string, beads or whatever takes your fancy too…..


and don’t worry if it’s not too neat…. as they say it’s the thought that counts :)


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