Blogvent #17 : mini crochet hanging hearts

I love these little crochet hearts… I use them on cards, on toys, to hang on gifts and garlands; and there are some on the Christmas tree… a very cute and versatile little Christmas crochet


and easy to make….

I used Aran yarn and a 3.5mm hook

Abbreviations: tc = triple crochet, dc = double crochet.

Chain 4
Crochet 2tc into the fourth chain from the hook (all stitches are crocheted into this chain)
Into the same chain crochet 3dc
Chain 1
Crochet 1tc
Chain 1
Crochet 3dc, then 3tc
Follow with a slip tight slip stitch and tie off
(If using to hang leave a long tail and tie in a knot close to the heart)

Last year I made little puffy hearts by sewing two together with a tiny piece of toy stuffing inside.

Hope this makes sense and you enjoy :)


One thought on “Blogvent #17 : mini crochet hanging hearts

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