Thank you 2012

Well there’s still plenty of cheese, pate, chocolate and wine about the place, and another couple of days holiday…. so I’m hoping for a happy new year….

To be honest I’ve always thought that celebrating New Year is a bit arbitrary really as the beginnings and endings in our lives don’t fit to any calendar and the important things are moments not years….. but that said I do still reflect on what the year has brought and 2012 has had many lovely moments….

  • My mini holiday to St.Ives was certainly a highlight….

St. Ives 087

my first holiday for a long time and such a beautiful adventure….. I hope that in 2013 I might be back :)

  • I mastered sourdough bread and have a great little sour living in my fridge :)


  • I learned to applique….


  • I had (I hope the first of many, fingers crossed) my first craft night….


  • I’ve made and sold lots of toys….


and started to write my own crochet patterns too :)

  • and much of this wouldn’t have happened without starting ‘Clothmonkey’ earlier in the year….. although I haven’t achieved many of things I planned to, starting ‘Clothmonkey’ has been a really interesting journey and has taken me in all kinds of different directions that I wouldn’t have expected and led me to meet lots of new people (both in person and virtually) who continue to share, encourage and inspire…… how great is that? (apparently ‘Clothmonkey’ has been read in over 60 countries so far…. wowsers!)

So thank you 2012 for that!

and thank you for reading and your comments and encouragement….. it means a lot :) :)

I hope that 2012 has brought you lots of moments of joy and that 2013 will bring us all many, many more………



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