Flyer frustrations…..

Grrrr! Today’s been one of those days! I’ve done loads and seemingly got nowhere….. both at work earlier (does ANYBODY read my emails!) and then later trying to get the flyer done for the crochet club….

I found a really, really (like REALLY!) nice font, downloaded it, played around and decided that no picture was necessary as the font was the feature in itself…. joy!

But, when I converted it into a jpeg the really, really nice font converted too…..  into plain text  :( :( :(

So I’m left with this….

page0001to the point!   ….. not very pretty though :(       hmmmph! I loved that font sooooo much…..

nevermind, this will do for now I suppose…….. hopefully tomorrow will be more productive.


2 thoughts on “Flyer frustrations…..

  1. Oh what a shame, I love a good font! I’d like to come along to Crochet club, do I need to let you know or can I just turn up? I have a sort of project on the go for a friend but need to get back into it for myself too I think :)

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