A very happy birthday :)

Gosh.. I’ve been celebrating my birthday for the past four days! ….not one long four-day crazy bender you understand (I think I might be a bit past that, or at least I definitely feel it!) … but I had four meals with different friends and family, lots of gorgeous presents, cards, messages, cake, fizz and flowers…… what a lucky lady! I think I’ve had the happiest birthday I’ve had for a long time and I’m feeling really blessed :)


one of the loveliest cards (and a set of soup bowls I got, in the background)….. how cute is that? and it has a teeny little card to write in the envelope too :)


soo cute illustrated bear card at Sunday lunch :) (thanks for the card and the lovely picture D & K xx)


gorgeous foxy!! I love him :) (also from lovely D & K xx) he was made by Chris Jones of JonesyInc …. I’ve taken him from room to room with me since Sunday (how old am I?!) he’s such a cutie.

and lots of other lovely things…. iPhone cases, notebooks, books, iTunes vouchers, jewellery, pottery, booze, CDs… of course my new camera from Auntie Eileen…. wow! Such lovely gifts from such lovely thoughtful friends :)

(and more cards have just arrived now, including one with writing by my friend K’s two little munchkins :) soooo cute!)

Huuuuuuge thank yous for making my birthday such a very happy one :) what an amazing bunch of folk! xxx



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