Yarn Art – Yart?

Yesterday I popped into town to pick up some yarn ready for the first ‘Clothmonkey Crochet Club’ tomorrow (eek! exciting!) and I called in to see the “Liberty and Anarchy” exhibition by Nike Savvas at Leeds Art Gallery
(see details from the fab Leeds Inspired)




The work is made using strands of yarn….. it’s bright, bold and graphic but also has a real fragility…..



and is so captivating, it made me feel absolute delight, a bit like a kid in a sweet shop….. not a feeling easily created ….. I definitely think I’ll be back before it finishes at the end of February.

….. and this got me thinking about another installation that I was reading about recently in The Chapel of Morumbi in Sao Paulo…..


Tatiana Blass has created this huge and awe-inspiring work based on The Myth of Homer’s Odyssey….. Penelope wove a shroud whilst her husband Odesseus was away for three years on his adventures…..


I just love the way the sprawling, tangled chaos outside is turned into something so neat, contained and tangible….. is that what we’re all doing when we sit down to crochet or knit? Freud might probably think so :)

I never cease to be amazed by what a load of yarn and patience can create….. and in these artworks not just ‘things’ but amazing and thought provoking experiences….. loving your Yart!

(most pictures not my own!)


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