Crochet away!

I haven’t written for a while, I’ve been pretty wiped out after a couple of busy, busy weeks… all lovely busy though… my first craft event, Christmas, weddings, New Year, birthdays and last week the first Clothmonkey Crochet Club!! whoooop!

I’d been thinking about doing it for ages and thanks to Outlaw’s Yacht Club for their hospitality (and keeping the big lights on for us so we can see our stitches…. and their lovely cake!) the first meeting happened last week



Lots of concentration! :)

We covered chain stitch (Lovely Bestie C mastered this no trouble!)

and double crochet stitch… and to not make the starter chain too tight :)

It’s intense learning to crochet, so we left it there giving everyone a couple of weeks to practise and master those two stitches….. and what amazing progress after only a couple of days…

C sent this picture of a square she’s crocheted…. good work!!

and A has already made this lovely hair band! (no tight starter chains here:) )

with a little ‘help’ from her cat Louie :)

E came along with a project she’d been asked to make after not crocheting since she was about 9…

it’s looking a little like something else… but is actually the beginnings of a little toy dog… honest!! :) It’s coming on in leaps and bounds though I think.

Next week we’ll cover half triple and triple stitch and reading patterns… maybe we can start granny squares too… exciting!!
It’s great to get together and learn and make things :)

and I’ve been crocheting away since then too…

I was asked to make this owl for a little boy who needs a magic toy to send him to sleep :) and I’ve just got a new pattern book through the post with a cardigan I want to make… big new project!
And I love that we’re all crocheting away… looking forward to the next meeting… I’ll let you know how we get on :)


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