Yarn Art – Yart? #2 : Johan Ku

I have quite split views about fashion; on the one hand I think it can be frivolous and self- indulgent…. like it’s clothes people! there to hide your modesty and keep you warm!….  but on the other hand I really just love it…. inspiring, beautiful, witty and truly an art form in itself…. all of these things can be said about these amazing creations by Johan Ku….

johan ku

Wow! and as it is f f f freezing here at the moment I’m thinking that I could really do one of these! :)


This is from the “Emotional Sculptures” collection that won Johan an award in 2005…. I just love the stunning silhouettes and of course the super, super chunky stitches


he made the really chunky stitches using raw wool and very thick hooks and sometimes his fingers…. so tactile! I just want to stick my fingers in the stitches and give them a good squeeze :)


Perhaps not something that I’d feel comfortable in on the no. 72 bus to work…. but I just love it, dramatic and inspiring…. and perfect for a walk in the snowy woods…. like the queen of Narnia :)


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