A whole world of crochet….

Yesterday my world was almost completely devoted to crochet…. I work for a young people’s mental health service and a member of our Women’s Group had asked if we could crochet…. I was really there for support and to bring a few supplies, the members taught each other to chain stitch whilst we ate lunch and another staff member told us stories of her younger days when she did lots of crafts and made herself a crochet bikini (next week she’s bringing pictures :) )

It was great to see more people getting ‘hooked’ on crochet and to see the young women learning new skills in craft and in teaching…. good times!

And later in the day we had the second meeting of Clothmonkey Crochet Club (see link to our Facebook group… why not join and share your ideas, pics and patterns?)


before everyone arrived I had a cheeky cupcake that was sooo good it didn’t hang around long enough for a photograph :)




It was a great turn out and a good mix of people who came last time and lots of new people to meet….



beginners got into practising chain stitch and double crochet….




and those who started last week learned treble crochet and started granny squares…. exciting!


E has almost finished the crochet dog that she started last time…..


and she brought a pattern for some really gorgeous flowers…… :)

I can’t wait to see the progress next week…. especially the granny squares (I always think making granny squares feels like good proper crochet!) we’re using this basic pattern here which has great step-by-step pictures…. why not crochet along with us?



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