Yarn Art – Yart? #3 : Arline Fisch

In keeping with the theme of crochet (which seems to be taking over my world at the moment!) I thought I’d share the work of Arline Fisch an american artist who is best known for her jewellery….


which admittedly isn’t strictly made out of yarn, but is crocheted from metal fibres into beautiful, intricate statement pieces…..



gorgeous work ….. that I certainly wouldn’t mind adding to my jewellery collection!

Arline also makes sculptural pieces including the work in her “Creatures from the Deep” exhibition a couple of years ago….


beautiful, light, ethereal work…..




that looks almost alien  and glowing…


I love the use of traditional crafts in fresh, contemporary ways….. and this is just gorgeous. I’d have loved to have seen this exhibition and will certainly keep an eye out for her work being exhibited near here in the future.


3 thoughts on “Yarn Art – Yart? #3 : Arline Fisch

  1. These are ace, love the jellyfish! I’ve been browsing eBay for vintage crochet patterns (as you do) and came across some ideas for crocheted necklaces. At jewellery class Emma always suggests knitting or crocheting with silver wire but none of us have ever done it but the eBay finds have got me thinking and so has this!

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