Mark Hearld: Birds and Beasts at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Yesterday I had a lovely day at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, I went particularly to see Mark Hearlds exhibition ‘Birds and Beasts’ that’s on there until 17th February.

I love Mark Hearld’s work and his approach, like me he’s a lover of ‘things’….. collecting….. putting things on top of other things….. friends have said when visiting my house that it’s like being in a museum as there’s so much to see…. but Mark Hearlds house make makes mine look positively minimalist!




This short film from St. Judes introduces Mark Hearld better than anything I could write…. and with added flute! :)

The exhibition gave me opportunity yesterday to see Mark Hearld’s work up close and personal…. to see the layering of lino cuts, collage and illustration that make up the final lithoprints…. and one of my favourite parts of the exhibition was a collection of sketches, notes, swatches etc…. showing the process behind creating a piece of work…. the collection creating a piece of art in itself that is very beautiful and fascinating to see.

I was so pleased to have seen this exhibition, but sad that I’ll miss a workshop around collage and working with collected objects, that is on today….

and his artists talk at YSP on 12th February, I think they would be quite fascinating.



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