Proper crochet lace!!

Woohoo! This is my first proper piece of teeny tiny crochet lace…

(the pocket watch was for perspective… but I suppose that could be any size too… but it’s a regular size pocket watch, if there is such a thing… and it looks pretty too :) )

but I’ve always LOVED crochet lace and hoped that one day I could do it… it’s tiny but sooo exciting!! :)


3 thoughts on “Proper crochet lace!!

    • Thank you! I’ll definitely have to try out that book… The blanket I’m making is lacy practice in regular yarn… I’d never used proper lace weight crochet cotton before, I thought that the teeny tiny hooks would drive me to distraction… but I love it!
      Soon everything in the house will have crochet lace edgings :D x

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