It’s been sunny and bright in these parts for a few days and my little irises are out…. spring is definitely in the air.

I also know that spring is in the air when my thoughts start to turn to home improvements…. I want to redecorate, sort out cupboards, scrub and clean; and always feel like there’s so much to do…. so much sort out.

So I always find early spring a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and decided a few years ago that the beginning of spring (although lovely and exciting) is like waking up after a very long sleep and fighting with yourself to get out of bed….. half of you wants to stay snuggled all cosy and warm; and half of you wants to get up and at ’em.

Maybe easing gently out of winter is the way forward; instead of running at spring shouting

….. but either way these sunny days are definitely helping :)


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