So fresh and so clean…

When the new shoots appear and the sun starts to shine again, I look around my winter hibernation nest and want to spruce everything up…. there’s nothing like sunshine to show up what needs a good spring clean!

And I am a true sucker for hibernating… so this week I’ve been emptying cupboards, scrubbing, binning, painting and generally getting stuff done…. a bit of a frenzy but it’s sooo nice to see a shiny, clean room.

This week I’ve been giving the bathroom a good overhaul…. I’ve had the paint waiting since last summer :/ I was waiting for some motivation :) and here it is…..


I used Dulux white… I think it’s called ‘light and space’ (a paint for small spaces, and everything in my little house needs painting in this stuff…. It really works!)
… and Craig & Rose 1829 Swedish Blue… it was blue before but I thought it was a bit too pastel and chirpy; this blue is more muted and bit more moody… I love it!


This frame was gold plastic, I rescued it from a skip (shameless!) and painted it up white like the wall… the little heart is a vintage sheet music cover in wire hung on a nail in the middle of the frame with some prayer beads…. cheap art :)

The next bit is to paint this beast…


a hideous, dark orangey stained pine ceiling…. the house used to be covered in this stuff and I’m gradually moving away from the late 80’s sauna look :) I can not wait to get that ceiling painted I’ve laid in the bath imagining it painted crisp white for aaaages

Nearly there… and it’s looking so fresh and lovely already… kind of makes me want to paint my whole house! but I won’t…. :)


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