sun, smiles and friendship

it’s been 20 years since I moved to Liverpool to go to university… wow! and 20 years since I first met T…

we studied the same course, both loved 60s music (or music in general really) and both have Caribbean heritage….
I remember first meeting her and I loved her hair and the fact that she giggled a lot :)

this is us at graduation (not the clearest or most flattering pics…. sorry T!)
We had lots of good times and T became one of those friends who you can just pick up with like you saw each other yesterday…. we’ve always stayed in touch and kept up to date with each others lives but probably only seen each other a couple of times over the past 10 years…. until last week!

Yay! Sunny day out, T had put up a Pin of Bronte country (dreaming of Heathcliff!) so we planned a Wuthering day out as Howarth (where the Brontes lived) is not to far from me….
It’s been a bit stormy around here recently (very Wuthering!) but we didn’t need our Kagools once; or shamefully our walking boots :/ (we had planned a walk to the waterfall and Penistone Crag as mentioned in the book) but pottered around in the glorious sunshine, had a Ploughman’s and a natter and went to the Bronte museum.

a colleague of mine (who lives in the next village to Howarth) said that there were lots of shops that we would love and he wasn’t wrong….
I got an old crochet cushion cover for £1! And some beautiful old tiles….

We did a lot of house envying :)



and had brownies and ice cream in the cutest shop that sold lots of handmade toys….

it was all round a truly, flipping lovely day :)

20 years and we haven’t changed a bit!! well much! :) :)
We’ve decided to go back and do the walk and have tea there before the summer’s out…..
so I bought myself a copy of Wuthering Heights and I’ve been curled up reading it ever since…. I’d better get the low down on Heathcliff before I get up on those moors :)



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