Sunday. sunday

as a child I always thought that Sundays were kind of boring…… looking back I now see them as a time when we could be who we really were as a family….. a day without the pressures of the week, a day where you get to do whatever it is that you really do…

childhood Sundays were chapel in the morning with mum, roast dinner cooked by mum and dad together and in the afternoon the dreaded piano lessons (or a good hour of crying and sulking as they often turned out in my case :) I never have quite mastered the frustration that comes with learning something tricky and new!) or pottering in the garden or an afternoon out at a little old school railway in the Dales……

The sound of The Antiques Roadshow theme tune always makes me feel a nostalgic safeness of those family Sundays…. but slightly tinged with anxiety as that meant you really HAD to get that homework finally done if you were ever going to do it at all!

Today that hasn’t changed, I’m always running about last thing on a Sunday trying to get washing done, work bag packed and that hoovering that I’ve put off for the whole weekend.

Sundays are a lovely window in the week to slow down and savour what is really important, to stop and smell the roses and enjoy who you are.

Happy Sunday…. enjoy!



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