Breaking the mold….

When I started writing a blog I made a decision not to write about mental health… at least not directly. Mental health is a huge part of my life… as  teen I cared for a parent with mental health issues, I’ve studied it, I work in mental health, I’ve campaigned about it and I’ve struggled with my own mental health on and off for years.

My plan with this blog was to focus on the positive and have something in my life that didn’t have anything to do with mental health issues…

Starting a blog was an amazing thing for me and changed the way I looked at things, how I connect with the world and myself and what I do; it made me happier and sort of more present… but should I always write about happy and positive things? That’s not really a true picture and puts pressure on to muster up positivity if I want to keep writing on here…

Basically I just didn’t want to moan on here or get into debating the ins and outs of mental health issues… but in reality everything is related to our mental health and vice versa; and I suppose the subtext of everything I have written about before is about keeping happy and enjoying life, making things, learning new things, appreciating things and sharing.

I had thought for quite a while that I’d nailed this business of being well, but depression is pretty sneaky and before I know it, it has crept up on me again and all the familiar feelings are back. Depression is rubbish… it’s like living in a thick fog; it makes everything hard work, all I want to do is sleep and myself hide away until things make more sense to me.

Writing stuff helps me, helps things make more sense…..  and maybe not hiding away the difficult stuff will also help… so I thought I’d break the mold and share this too, instead of hiding it away….. but I won’t moan on here I promise!


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