Five simple ways to show yourself some love….


With the day to day, life events, the energy we put into working and getting things done, it can be easy to forget to remind ourselves that we matter and that we’re doing ok… it’s nice to be appreciated by others and lovely when other people show us their love… but I for one often forget to show myself some love and appreciation…

So I thought I’d share a few simple things that I do to show myself some love… and actually by default start to love life and appreciate the world again too.


Go to the woods…

Or a hilltop, or the sea, by a river, or a wide open space… whatever works best for you and wherever you can get to; and drink it in… close your eyes and listen to the waves or the birds singing, gaze into the horizon or the wide, blue sky, surround yourself with green and fill your lungs with the smells of the flowers or the salty air…

Remind yourself that you are a beautiful part of a beautiful world…


Make something…

Anything! Bake a cake, write a poem, sew a simple cushion, take a photograph, make a collage… it doesn’t matter what it is or what turns out like… just do it, for you… And then stand back and say “I made that! I can do stuff!”

Good you aren’t you?!


Get your heart pounding…

Go for a walk, or a run, or a cycle, or dance… whatever you can do that gets your heart racing. Feel the gravel under your feet and the strength of your muscles as they support you… feel your lungs fill up and the sweat drip down your back… it doesn’t matter how fast you are or how far you can go, you’re in your body and enjoying what it can do and how good it can make you feel…

Your body is an amazing thing.


VIP treatment…

Imagine that someone really important, someone who you care about is coming round for the evening… What would you do? Have a clean and tidy up? Cook something special? Crack out the best china? Buy some fresh flowers? Light scented candles? Do it for you! Just you… not your partner or the kids or anyone else, just you…

 You’re really important, show yourself you matter.


Tuck yourself in…

Put fresh sheets on the bed, have a soak in the bath with your favourite tunes, slather yourself in lovely smelling lotion, put on your favourite pjs and get snuggled up in bed with a warm drink, a good book, or movie or a relaxation session or football match… whatever’s your thing.

Feel nurtured and safe.

Or if you really want to spoil yourself… book a day just for you and do them all :)


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