Thinking more about the future of my little kitchen, I came across these beauties

and was reminded of my old friend D who has been making furniture and things out of reclaimed wood and fixtures for years…

…. gorgeous!

He has recently started taking commissions and has even made a beautiful little timber birthday card


I just love it!

Known as Fogcutter, you can find out more about him on his website
Maybe I can incorporate some of this beautiful reclaimed style into my little kitchen…


or imagine a whole kitchen…. Ooooh!


Kitchen drama

Last weekend I discovered a leak and the damage caused in my little kitchen…
soaked plasterboard, tiles falling off, cabinets and work top going mouldy…. the whole thing smells nasty now… not good at all….. waaaahhh! :(
But flipping the situation into something positive, this means that I have to, finally, do something about the little kitchen…. it’s ok, it does it’s job, but I’ve never really liked it…..
Something like this however!

Or this

would be lovely :)
Back in the real world, I’m trying to think of what to do with the little space…

I’m thinking soft green and cream and wood…

and characterful, not shiny, new, off-the-peg kitchens…..
I have got one of these old farmhouse tables….

It came from the farm cottage where Daddy B grew up, it was the old school version of a work top… a kitchen side table used for working on… I’ve been using it as a desk for years after stripping it.
I could use it as a replacement for the damaged unit… hmmm….
and I’m loving these shelves….

a nice place to display lots of lovely bits and pieces, without looking too ‘done up.’
What do you prefer? Shiny and sleek or a bit cobbled together?

So fresh and so clean…

When the new shoots appear and the sun starts to shine again, I look around my winter hibernation nest and want to spruce everything up…. there’s nothing like sunshine to show up what needs a good spring clean!

And I am a true sucker for hibernating… so this week I’ve been emptying cupboards, scrubbing, binning, painting and generally getting stuff done…. a bit of a frenzy but it’s sooo nice to see a shiny, clean room.

This week I’ve been giving the bathroom a good overhaul…. I’ve had the paint waiting since last summer :/ I was waiting for some motivation :) and here it is…..


I used Dulux white… I think it’s called ‘light and space’ (a paint for small spaces, and everything in my little house needs painting in this stuff…. It really works!)
… and Craig & Rose 1829 Swedish Blue… it was blue before but I thought it was a bit too pastel and chirpy; this blue is more muted and bit more moody… I love it!


This frame was gold plastic, I rescued it from a skip (shameless!) and painted it up white like the wall… the little heart is a vintage sheet music cover in wire hung on a nail in the middle of the frame with some prayer beads…. cheap art :)

The next bit is to paint this beast…


a hideous, dark orangey stained pine ceiling…. the house used to be covered in this stuff and I’m gradually moving away from the late 80’s sauna look :) I can not wait to get that ceiling painted I’ve laid in the bath imagining it painted crisp white for aaaages

Nearly there… and it’s looking so fresh and lovely already… kind of makes me want to paint my whole house! but I won’t…. :)

Curtains, henna stencils and an owl

……these are the three things that I’m on with at the moment….

On Friday I picked up two pairs of curtains in a sale that were a total steal…. I think it was because they said they were ‘Duck Egg’ but are actually a bit more green and since they were such a bargain I took a punt that they’d look ok in my bedroom (that’s pale greenish) and I’m so glad I did as they’re a perfect match. So one pair is hung at the window and the other pair are to hang over the front of the fitted wardrobes…. but they’re a bit short….  so I’ve decided to add a wide hem of cream damask table cloth to the bottom of them (and maybe some fabric ribbon too)…. but I’ve totally not been bothered to do this yet…. but hopefully this week I will (and my big sewing project will have to wait a bit.)

After ripping out carpets, removing nails and staples and painting floorboards last week, I think I’d just about worn myself out; and coupled with that I had searched and searched for some nice stencils for the stair risers, without much success…. most stencils weren’t very nice and in the DIY store the man said “Oh we stopped selling those about five years ago!” incredulously like I was complaining that they no longer sell beige bathroom suites :)

So I ordered some henna stencils and they arrived today…

I’ve tested them to make sure that the sticky backs won’t pull off the paint on the stairs and they seem good to go :)

And because I got so fed up with painting and faffing about with curtains over the weekend I sulked with some movies and crochet (which usually sees me right) and I came up with this little fella….

I need to try a way of making the join at the top a bit neater, but I’m quite pleased with the design and I’ll write up the pattern to share with you next time I make one.

I didn’t get all my jobs done (in fact I created myself even more!) but I had quite a productive staycation…. it felt like a rest to get back to work! :)

Definite Progress

Lenny Bear was somewhat reticent about letting the old carpet go…… he’s spent many hours cosily sleeping on it over the years and so he staged a sit in :)

but I got it out of the house eventually….. he was just saying his goodbyes maybe.

So after a day of painting and listening to Kudu crying outside (and half an hour chasing her around after the postman knocked and she snook inside) I have painted!

and put out the runner on the first floor landing….. I love it!! Big thanks to Auntie Eileen (who will never read this, she’s 87 and not very computer literate!) who got me the runner for Christmas.

I kind of wish that I’d bought another runner whilst they were still selling them, so that the top floor landing would look like this too… but I’m sure I’ll find something else that’s nice…. or just keep the bare painted boards maybe.  Bit of a dodgy picture…. sorry :/

And here are the stairs…

Two questions for you….

  1. Do you think I should paint the skirtings/wainscoting in the colour it already is (apple white) or the same colour as the stairs (sophisticated sage) ?
  2. Do you think I should leave the stairs plain (after touching up the patchy bits :) or decorate the stair risers (as below)?

Mine would obviously look nowhere near as good as this…. but basically I could paint the risers (front panel of each step) by stamping or stencilling. I was thinking perhaps in a raspberry colour (like the stripes on the runner and the candle), stamping them like I did the inside of this drawer (on the left)…

raspberry and sage do look lovely (could even overlay a bit of gold)….. but would this all be too much?

I can’t decide…..

But for today I’m happy with the landing….

…. and the rest I’ll tackle tomorrow.

What have I begun?!

This is the carpet that was on my stairs and first floor landing (I’m attempting one floor at a time)

I hated this carpet before we even moved in and 11 years, three cats and one hoover reluctant owner later, it’s even worse…. clawed bare in places, stained in places and still a pretty horrible colour….. so today, it’s out!

This would be cause for celebration if it wasn’t for these…

Curse you “Duralay” carpet grippers! Whoever laid this carpet did it very, very well….. every stair, edge and corner is lined with this stuff and every bit of underlay has been stapled into the floorboards…. so I’ve been levering the gripper strips off and probably will be doing this and attacking nails and staples with pliers for the rest of the day.

Last year I painted the lounge this colour….

not the most accurate representation, but it’s kind of a soft grey green, or “Sophisticated Sage” if you will :) by Dulux Timeless Classics range. Anyway, I vastly over estimated how much of this paint I’d need and have two large pots left over…… so the plan is to paint the stair and landings floorboards in “Sophisticated Sage” and put runners down on the landings….. we’ll see how that pans out!

It would be better to paint the floor with a hard-wearing gloss paint (as I did with the bathroom floor) but it takes at least a day to dry properly; with the bathroom I could keep the cats out for that length of time, but with the stairs and landings I’d have no chance…. this paint should dry within four hours so I can chuck the furry family outside for that long with no problems…. well fewer problems! (Kudu cat will still lose the plot a bit no doubt…. it’s a hard kitty life!)

So here’s how things are looking now…

… with Kudu already looking a bit freaked out :)

I hope by the end of today to have done all the prep…. although, these houses are probably about 200 years old and I swear that no-one has cleaned these stairs in that whole time, so I’ve got my work cut out….. and this is only one floor! Any moral support greatly appreciated :)