Making time for making

Gosh, I feel like I’m on constant catch up with myself recently…. time is precious and I’m definitely someone who needs a whole lot of ‘downtime’ ‘me time’… whatever you choose to call the time that you reset your levels and remember who you are…
For me that time pretty much has to be solitary and I’m increasingly realising how much I NEED to make stuff and learn stuff… Like the grown up, bill paying version of playtime :)
For weeks I’ve been wanting to make something with some antique silver Berber beads that I got…. they’ve been sitting patiently in an old bowl on the table and reminding me daily that I need to make time to buy some bead thread and fasteners….
this weekend I made time and came up with this

unlike the hands on, hammering, sawing type jewellery making that I’m learning about at the mo; this type of jewellery making is much more sedate and living room friendly :)
I got the antique beads online and strung them with semi-precious aquamarine beads from an old bracelet and some tiny silver spacer beads that I bought along with thread and silver fasteners from YumYum Beads in Leeds.

I think perhaps the aquamarine is a bit too washed out and tiny to do the big silver Berber beads justice… but I’ve got some left and will see what I come up with…. that’s the nice thing about playing, it’s about the doing not the final thing really… and I loved playing with these beads :)


Flossing my bling

Today was my second lesson in jewellery making and I made these….

little teeny tiny copper domes! …. I love them!!
And I LOVE the classes…. we will have three weeks of learning techniques and then we can make our own piece of jewellery… ooooh!
I’m thinking about making a pendant out of a cluster of those little domes, perhaps with different textures and finishes on each dome… maybe different metals? We’ll see how it goes… but I never knew how much I flippin’ love to hammer stuff! Especially metal… in fact I would just love to make a big hammered copper bowl…. so exciting!

Tribal vibes

So I don’t really like the terms ‘tribal’ and ‘ethnic’ when describing styles… all sounds a bit imperialist to me…
.. But whether it’s the heat wave we’ve been enjoying, my revisiting of lots of my old stuff in the storage attic upstairs (or ‘Stockholm’ as it came to be known) or just because I’m a plain fashion victim… which ever, I’m currently revisiting an old love of traditional cultural stuff from all over the globe.
I’ve got lots of amazing fabrics, trinkets, drums, masks… you name it, it’ll be in a box upstairs in Stockholm…..

I’m particularly excited by all the jewellery… African trade beads, Ethiopian silver, Indian necklaces with bells… I loved my jewellery collection in my teens and twenties, but then it seemed to fall out of my favour somehow….

but finding it all again is so exciting and I’ve been wearing it, using it to decorate the house and loving it…

well done younger me for being such a source of inspiration to older, now me :)
it’s like shopping, but it’s already mine!