Thinking more about the future of my little kitchen, I came across these beauties

and was reminded of my old friend D who has been making furniture and things out of reclaimed wood and fixtures for years…

…. gorgeous!

He has recently started taking commissions and has even made a beautiful little timber birthday card


I just love it!

Known as Fogcutter, you can find out more about him on his website
Maybe I can incorporate some of this beautiful reclaimed style into my little kitchen…


or imagine a whole kitchen…. Ooooh!


Kitchen drama

Last weekend I discovered a leak and the damage caused in my little kitchen…
soaked plasterboard, tiles falling off, cabinets and work top going mouldy…. the whole thing smells nasty now… not good at all….. waaaahhh! :(
But flipping the situation into something positive, this means that I have to, finally, do something about the little kitchen…. it’s ok, it does it’s job, but I’ve never really liked it…..
Something like this however!

Or this

would be lovely :)
Back in the real world, I’m trying to think of what to do with the little space…

I’m thinking soft green and cream and wood…

and characterful, not shiny, new, off-the-peg kitchens…..
I have got one of these old farmhouse tables….

It came from the farm cottage where Daddy B grew up, it was the old school version of a work top… a kitchen side table used for working on… I’ve been using it as a desk for years after stripping it.
I could use it as a replacement for the damaged unit… hmmm….
and I’m loving these shelves….

a nice place to display lots of lovely bits and pieces, without looking too ‘done up.’
What do you prefer? Shiny and sleek or a bit cobbled together?

Making time for making

Gosh, I feel like I’m on constant catch up with myself recently…. time is precious and I’m definitely someone who needs a whole lot of ‘downtime’ ‘me time’… whatever you choose to call the time that you reset your levels and remember who you are…
For me that time pretty much has to be solitary and I’m increasingly realising how much I NEED to make stuff and learn stuff… Like the grown up, bill paying version of playtime :)
For weeks I’ve been wanting to make something with some antique silver Berber beads that I got…. they’ve been sitting patiently in an old bowl on the table and reminding me daily that I need to make time to buy some bead thread and fasteners….
this weekend I made time and came up with this

unlike the hands on, hammering, sawing type jewellery making that I’m learning about at the mo; this type of jewellery making is much more sedate and living room friendly :)
I got the antique beads online and strung them with semi-precious aquamarine beads from an old bracelet and some tiny silver spacer beads that I bought along with thread and silver fasteners from YumYum Beads in Leeds.

I think perhaps the aquamarine is a bit too washed out and tiny to do the big silver Berber beads justice… but I’ve got some left and will see what I come up with…. that’s the nice thing about playing, it’s about the doing not the final thing really… and I loved playing with these beads :)

Flossing my bling

Today was my second lesson in jewellery making and I made these….

little teeny tiny copper domes! …. I love them!!
And I LOVE the classes…. we will have three weeks of learning techniques and then we can make our own piece of jewellery… ooooh!
I’m thinking about making a pendant out of a cluster of those little domes, perhaps with different textures and finishes on each dome… maybe different metals? We’ll see how it goes… but I never knew how much I flippin’ love to hammer stuff! Especially metal… in fact I would just love to make a big hammered copper bowl…. so exciting!

Collecting vs hoarding: when is enough enough?

I’m a bit of a clutterbug, I love stuff…. not so much in a materialistic sense, but more for appreciation…

I particularly like old stuff, it has a story, it has had past lives and has had possibly many relationships to many people long before my relationship with it began.
I also like different stuff together, creating relationships between things by putting them together… showing whole other perspectives of each than if they just stood alone…. kind of like creating little worlds, a still life using stuff…. and really we all do this all the time.

But from time to time I look around at home and realise that I’m surrounded by a bit too much ‘noise’ and the whole thing has become a big crowd that prevents appreciation of individual things….
so yesterday I had a bit of a cull in the lounge and I realised that with quite a lot of things, I like them when they’re in a crowd but not individually… so they’re out!
I often see pictures of minimal spaces and think that they look stunning and so calm and wonder why and how I always end up living in what resembles an antiques and curiosities shop.

They say you should get rid of anything that you don’t find beautiful or useful (I would add meaningful to this though)…. the trouble is that soooo much stuff is beautiful and meaningful in different ways… years ago if I found a beautiful or meaningful object I HAD to have it, now I’m more able to be happy that I’ve seen it and to know that it exists in the world (and Pinterest helps of course :) I can virtually collect.)
…. maybe also as I get older I’m more able to feel that I have enough, that there is enough that’s beautiful and meaningful inside so I don’t need to collect and surround myself with such things…. don’t get me wrong I don’t think I’ll convert to minimalism anytime soon :) …… but I might be more inclined to edit my space, let things go and let the beautiful and meaningful have room to be.
That said, I’m visiting a new antique shop I’ve found this afternoon! I’ll let you know if I find any treasures :)


sun, smiles and friendship

it’s been 20 years since I moved to Liverpool to go to university… wow! and 20 years since I first met T…

we studied the same course, both loved 60s music (or music in general really) and both have Caribbean heritage….
I remember first meeting her and I loved her hair and the fact that she giggled a lot :)

this is us at graduation (not the clearest or most flattering pics…. sorry T!)
We had lots of good times and T became one of those friends who you can just pick up with like you saw each other yesterday…. we’ve always stayed in touch and kept up to date with each others lives but probably only seen each other a couple of times over the past 10 years…. until last week!

Yay! Sunny day out, T had put up a Pin of Bronte country (dreaming of Heathcliff!) so we planned a Wuthering day out as Howarth (where the Brontes lived) is not to far from me….
It’s been a bit stormy around here recently (very Wuthering!) but we didn’t need our Kagools once; or shamefully our walking boots :/ (we had planned a walk to the waterfall and Penistone Crag as mentioned in the book) but pottered around in the glorious sunshine, had a Ploughman’s and a natter and went to the Bronte museum.

a colleague of mine (who lives in the next village to Howarth) said that there were lots of shops that we would love and he wasn’t wrong….
I got an old crochet cushion cover for £1! And some beautiful old tiles….

We did a lot of house envying :)



and had brownies and ice cream in the cutest shop that sold lots of handmade toys….

it was all round a truly, flipping lovely day :)

20 years and we haven’t changed a bit!! well much! :) :)
We’ve decided to go back and do the walk and have tea there before the summer’s out…..
so I bought myself a copy of Wuthering Heights and I’ve been curled up reading it ever since…. I’d better get the low down on Heathcliff before I get up on those moors :)