happy new things

I don’t really celebrate New Year… not because I’m miserable… although there have been years when New Year’s Eve has been very miserable… but I came to a realisation that things can be new whenever you like.
New Year for me has just came to mean a new diary for work and a new calendar on the kitchen wall with a bigger number on them…. the rest is open to personal interpretation.
The result of this has been no great expectations, no regret and no more miserable New Year’s Eves… and a greater appreciation that every single moment is new, right now is new and that’s pretty exciting I think.

Then this year I came across this illustrated video and it got me thinking….
it’s been a while since I made any resolutions or set myself any goals… but this inspired me to make one.
One very general (therefore open to interpretation!) resolution… to take good care of myself….
and this is my first step towards that resolution….

a breakfast smoothie every day full of good things:
1 banana (good for mood)
Quarter cup of oat bran (lowers cholesterol
1 cup almond milk (good fats, omega 3)
1tbsp honey
1tsp ground cinnamon (honey and cinnamon together are believed to be good in easing arthritis, preventing cancer and all sorts of other good things)

And just having a decent, quick breakfast and a little morning routine has to be good right?

Despite my dislike of bananas and a general aversion to breakfast, this seems pretty good so far and I’m enjoying it…. I might try and think of a few variations to keep me interested….

Onwards and upwards! And a Happy New Year to you?