writing and living

it has been months and months since I wrote anything on here…..

As a young teenager I used to write daily in journals, I think that genuinely helped me stay sane through some truly tough times….

Writing a blog for me was a way to remind myself of all the good things in life and that I can create good things myself…. writing also seemed to give me a third perspective and help me to keep in touch with myself… I suppose it doesn’t make much difference if it’s writing just a journal for myself or putting blog posts out there, but blogging can keep me writing, even when I don’t feel like it (whatever it might be about) and I made connections through writing a blog that would have never happened otherwise.

Once I’d got out of the habit of writing I just never seemed to make time to do it, unless I HAD TO get something out of my head to make sense of it… but I guess those are things that even I don’t want to read back let alone anybody else!

But I’ve realised that when I don’t write, there are parts of me that are filed away and remain silent and I become less of me, if that makes sense…. and then I feel unhappy.

So I signed up for a writing course…. not a ‘how to write’ course, but more something to help explore yourself, daily exercises to inspire and a community to bolster and share the journey.

I find it hard to make time for doing the exercises, but I try to remember that this is time invested in me…. after a tough 18 months of various stresses, challenges and losses, I decided that my theme for this year is “nurture”…. it feels like I truly need it! So taking time to write daily is one step to towards that.

I’m only on day 8 of 30 of the course and already I’m surprising myself (I might share some on here sometime maybe…) and I’ve been inspired to try and write on here again… so we’ll see how that goes….

Maybe it’s not just writing, but any form of creativity that helps to link our everyday, busy busy selves who are preoccupied with bills and washing and returning emails, with our internal selves, who need some time and attention (and a bit of nurture) too.